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Since 2011, Brisbane Real Estate Video has beenĀ providing real estate agents with custom real estate video productions, video marketing techniques and quality real estate photography services. Check out the video below!


Hi folks, Dave from Brisbane Real Estate Video here. Just a very quick video to let you know about the real estate videos that I produce. I’ve been producing them since 2011. They are great for the real estate dot com listings or indeed your Facebook or your Twitter or your YouTube channels. Today in social media you’ve got to take full advantage of that.

People will click on the video and they will watch the video, more so than browse though the photos. Perhaps they will browse through the photos but they will always watch the video. The video, if it’s done right, will hold their attention right through until the end. Indeed, some of the feedback I’ve had on my videos from a seller for example, once he watched his video he didn’t want to sell his home anymore! And from a buyer, they just couldn’t stop watching it over and over until they actually arrived and when they were there to see it in person, they felt like they’d been there before.

That’s how powerful a video can be. Plus, if someone really loves it they will share it with their friends and family i.e. what do you think about this video? This is the house I’m thinking about buying. This is the house that I’d like to live in.

If you don’t have a real estate video on your listing people might just keep going and look at all the others that do! A real estate video is a great way to let people into your home without them really being there. You can give them a virtual tour and in under 60 seconds you can show them all the best features of your home and showcase some of the neighbourhood attractions.

I love videography and I love architecture and I love putting the two together to create unique real estate videos.

So if you’re a real estate agent in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to work with you to produce some custom videos that you would be proud of that will help you sell your properties and help you establish a presence online and get you more listings and make you more money!

If you’re as passionate about your business as I am about mine, we’re going to make a great team!

Amanda Becke
Amanda Becke
Licensed Real Estate Agent

Dave is an experienced professional. His customer service, expertise and mentoring has been valuable and constructive in achieving results for my clients that have far exceeded their expectations.

Philip Resnikoff
Philip Resnikoff

Dealing with a sole operator, like Dave from Brisbane Real Estate Video, who has lots of passion and ability means you will get a better product. Finding and working with Dave has been the best thing with taking my business forward.

From the ground to the sky and everything in between, my video and photo packages have got you well and truly covered.

  • High definition videos featuring property and surrounding areas
  • Photography (twilight, HDR, time-lapse)
  • Testimonial videos, interviews, agent profile videos
  • Professional presenter and voice-overs
  • Aerial videos + photos

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